Most people who do any weapons training are generally taught to shoot for the center of mass to the point where it should be second nature for anyone with any actual skills in soldiering or policing. Street level thugs may not have the same training, but they are going to be so unpolished in their fighting skills that… » 4/27/15 10:32am Today 10:32am

Transporter, because there’s no way that tech would work without killing the person traveling from their point of view. Of course, the clone thinking you walked off of the pad would think they were you, but you would subjectively be torn apart and murdered each time you do it. » 4/27/15 7:07am Today 7:07am

How long does it take for him to beat the shit out of some guy? I was amused that in both Noah and Man of Steel, he somehow manages to get into fisticuffs with various mooks, despite playing characters that aren’t traditionally thought of as brawlers (Jor-El, Noah). » 4/24/15 4:47pm Friday 4:47pm

I actually really like my HP Stream 11. I got the Microsoft Store Signature version of it, so it is free of HP crapware, but for a small, cheap laptop is really does a good job for basic web and Office tasks. One thing I really like is the keyboard, which is really comfortable for the size and price point. I’ve used a… » 4/22/15 5:21pm Wednesday 5:21pm

I think Charles Dance is still voicing the Overlord head honcho. They are just using him to introduce this trailer because he's so familiar as Tywin Lannister that you just can't have him as a disembodied voice for the previews. It's a good way to draw interesting without spoiling too much. » 4/20/15 12:20pm 4/20/15 12:20pm